Who gets to drink kombucha?

July 21, 2020 2 min read

At Kombucha Town we believe that healthy food shouldn’t be a luxury only some people get to enjoy. We think great nutrition should be accessible, quick, and affordable.

According toa study by the USDA, right now 2.3 million Americans live in a food desert, meaning they live more than a mile from a grocery store and don’t own a car. Just being close to a store, isn’t enough to help people choose healthy foods. If produce is expensive and takes longer to prepare than a cheaper ready meal, the choice seems obvious to anyone who is rushing home from work. 

Virtual Food Desert Map

Usually, the shelves of convenience stores are chock full of sugar and chemical laden processed products. For many, a convenience store is their only option if they are on the go or far from a grocery store. Without healthy options people cannot access nutrition that will enable them to lead a healthy, happy life,” KT founder Chris McCoy said.

Toxic industrial food systems have been making Americans sick for over 100 years. For Kombucha Town, the first step in disrupting these systems is meeting people where they are at and providing a healthy option that fits with their routine. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health to enjoy a beverage and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your time either. 


Making a beverage that is both healthy and refreshing on a commercial scale is challenging. We use ancient fermentation techniques and all natural, fair trade ingredients to make sure that our products are the best they can be, retaining fresh delicious flavor without excess sugar or artificial sweeteners,” Chris said. 

Community health relies on individual health. Kombucha Town is committed to doing its part to foster a healthy planet with healthy communities and healthy people. 

We’re excited that our new Live Seltzer is at the same price point as other drinks at the gas station. It's available in three flavors: Cucumber Focus, Ginger Energy, and Grapefruit Clarity.  Expect the crisp, refreshing flavor you expect from your favorite seltzer with the benefits you receive from Kombucha. With the launch of Live Seltzer, we're moving one step closer to a healthier, more equitable world.

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