Biome Aid Technology

Biome Aid

The Science Behind Our World-Class Brews


Biome Aid™ was first conceived and developed by the Founder of Kombucha Town Chris McCoy in 2019. Biome Aid™. It is a proprietary brewing methodology born from the trifecta of formulation, processing and culture composition. These are the three core elements of what make Biome Aid™ truly unique and proprietary to the Kombucha Town production process.


We formulate around the bio-dynamic and naturally occurring properties of all our ingredients. Tea is a very powerful family of plants that allow us to create product attributes that maximize its quality, value and use occasions. These proprietary formulas create more, unique, novel, stable and scalable finished products than other beverages on the market.


The Kombucha process has evolved across a wide variety of cultures dating back to 220BC. Our commercial process has evolved for over a decade. Developed around the culinary arts for flavor and around the ancient craft of beverage fermentation. This balanced approach yields the optimal beverage experience and the highest quality product. We believe the quality of the cultures in our products is more important that then quantity, because of this we only include the strongest and most vibrant cultures to maximize health benefits in the most efficient way possible.


The culture is the ultimate secret sauce of any living community. Kombucha Town cultures have been through over 350 generations since our first mother. These cultures have evolved through the ingredients we use to nurture them, the environment we foster to ensure their well-being, and the care we provide them. From this we have created a unique cultural profile that only Kombucha Town products contain. It maximizes functional benefits and creates the taste that will inspire those that drink it to “be the change they want to see”.