2019 held a special moment of realization for us. We looked back and discovered something cool. To date, we’ve prevented a million glass and plastic bottles from being needlessly wasted.

The Kombucha Town team has a deep connection with nature and it shows in the way we do business. We’re committed to the health of the planet and to the power of community, relationships, and purpose. We look upon the health and wellness struggles the world is facing and we're inspired to provide the fuel for healthier, happier lifestyles.

How do we better the planet?

We were the first kombucha brewery to package our products in 16oz aluminum cans. These cans are recyclable, lightweight, and space efficient for improved packing and distribution. The cans are manufactured in the U.S. This keeps our dollars in the local economy. We believe cans are the best single serving package option for you.

Our facility is designed for simplicity and efficiency. Our power is 100% offset by renewable energy through Puget Sound Energy. The brewing system is fired by clean burning natural gas. The only waste from our production process is spent organic tea, which makes great compost!

Our 6,500-square-foot brewery in the basement of the historic Herald Building in downtown Bellingham, Washington features our very own canning line, a 500-gallon commercial brew kettle, several conditioning tanks, and dozens of fermentation vessels.

All of this state-of-the-art equipment is modeled after a traditional commercial microbrewery system that has been adapted for brewing kombucha. Check out the photos below for a virtual tour of our brewery.

From day one of our operations, we have held the standard of our success to the triple bottom line, which measures profit, people, and planet. In 2017 we released our first Kombucha Town Sustainability Report.

How do we bring together a community?

At Kombucha Town, we engage with our community so we can build a better society and environment. We take pride in offering donations to local organizations that promote and bolster this positive intention.

These are a few of campaigns and businesses we have had the pleasure of supporting:

Sustainable Connections

Sustainable Connections is a nonprofit in Bellingham, Washington that works with nearly 450 businesses in the surrounding area. By becoming a member of their organization, they have supplemented our environmental and social values with their expertise in green business practices. Because of their support, we have sharpened our sustainable goals and targets as a company. We thank Sustainable Connections for providing resources for businesses that share a passion for bettering our local community.

How do we promote health and wellness?

In the Pacific Northwest, there are unlimited ways to explore the outdoors, whether you’re climbing, mountain biking, skiing or more. At Kombucha Town, we care about promoting healthy, active lifestyles. We truly believe our kombucha can help you pursue your passions. Here’s the best part: our kombucha is uniquely packaged in recycle-friendly aluminum cans. Go ahead and throw one in your daypack or dry bag to take with you on your next outdoor adventure!

Meet the Western Wakeboard Team, yogi Summer Huntington, skier Jake Little, and skier Gloria Goñi-McAteer, our sponsored athletes who embody the Kombucha Town motto to "live healthy, live happy" through plenty of exercise, connection to the outdoors, positive attitudes, compassionate relationships with friends and family, and healthy lifestyle choices.

In addition to our sponsored athletes, Kombucha Town supports healthy activities in our community including the Bellingham Roller Betties, Bellingham Circus Guild, Bellingham Sportsplex, Aspire Adventure Running, and Vital Climbing Gym.