Our Partnership with One Tree Planted

Our little actions can lead to big differences. That's why here at Kombucha Town we are committed to making a positive impact on our planet — one tree at a time. When launching our new line of Live Seltzers, we knew we had an opportunity to double down on our commitment to nature.

Along with the launch of our new product line, we are making it possible for the community to invest in our business and nature at the same time. Every time someone chooses to become a part of our community-owned business, they are also choosing to plant some trees.

Kombucha Town has recently partnered with One Tree Planted to help execute this vision. Our role is to do what we love — creating a healthy, refreshing, and sustainable product that people can get excited about. Their role is to plant trees, and boy are they good at it.

In 2015, One Tree Planted started off their journey by planting 50 thousand trees. This may sound like a lot all at once, but by 2019 their annual plantings had actually risen to 4 million! They work with Kombucha Town and other businesses by creating an opportunity for customers to invest in their favorite brand and the planet in one fell swoop.

One Tree Planted plants trees all over the world, but luckily for us one of their chosen locations is in our own backyard: the Pacific Northwest. We love being able to contribute to the preservation of this beautiful area. Every tree donated by Kombucha Town will go towards preserving forests where they can most benefit our local environment.

Empowering people to live healthy and happy lifestyles is a part of our mission, and with the seltzer line we are able to do that for even more people. The combination of live cultures and zero sugar makes it a great option for a healthy beverage while enjoying all the fun activities that our planet makes possible.

We're excited that our beverages are now not only fueling our bodies, but will be fueling the forests as well.

Our goal is to grow our community so we can continue making a positive impact on the world around us. We hope you will join us on this journey!

You can get involved right now by making a donation on the One Tree Planted website, becoming a part of Kombucha Town’s community-owned business by investing with us, or by simply picking up one of our beverages to enjoy on your next adventure amongst the trees.