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Propel your adventure. Protect your planet.

These two ideas define Kombucha Town.

Kombucha Town brews energizing and refreshing drinks that bubble with life. Packaged in cans so they're easy on-the-go and easy on the earth.

Here's our lineup.

Grapefruit Raw Seltzer

Made with raw kombucha cultures, fresh ingredients, and the deliciously cold waters of the North Cascade mountains.

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Cucumber Raw Seltzer

Made with raw kombucha cultures, fresh ingredients, and the deliciously cold waters of the North Cascade mountains.

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Ginger Raw Seltzer

Made with raw kombucha cultures, fresh ingredients, and the deliciously cold waters of the North Cascade mountains.

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Cascade Hop

Cascadian Hop tastes like adventures in the mountains and on the water. Take it with you anytime you plan on getting after it.

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Original Ginger

Original Ginger is a robust and citrusy blend of Ceylon black tea, fresh-pressed ginger, and lemon that will provide you with sustained energy throughout your day.

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Guayusa Mint

Guayusa Mint harnesses the powers of an ancient tea, energizing so you can feel empowered.

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The story behind the community


Kombucha Town is first founded! Chris founded KT to be able to support his mother, who had early onset Alzheimer’s.

Kombucha Town launches its first products in re-usable glass growlers at the local farmers market.

KT starts selling growlers into local grocery stores, and opens its first tasting room.

KT launches the first ever live kombucha in a can, to stand out on the shelf and be more environmentally friendly.

KT expands to a commercial scale brewing facility in the Historic Herald Building in Bellingham, WA.

KT opens the first full bar and restaurant kombucha tap house "Culture Café", and all products become Organic and Non-GMO certified.

KT develops the first shelf stable live kombucha.

KT goes national, expanding distribution from 4 states to 30 states of distribution.

KT becomes Fair Trade, and 1% for the planet verified. KT breaks the million cans sold mark.

KT becomes a public benefit corporation and launches the first probiotic seltzer water, "LIVE Seltzer"

KT Begins planting trees for every case sold online (and at select retailers) to do their part to restore our environment. There’s more innovation and disruption for good to come!

Our Kombucha

Highest Quality Kombucha Culture Isolate

What sets Kombucha Town apart is its isolated highest quality kombucha culture; The healthiest cultures are selected from every batch. Between 170,000,000 to 240,000,000 of the best live active cultures thrive in each of your Kombucha Town servings.

USDA Organic, Non-GMO & Fair Trade Certified

Brewed with a variety of fair-trade certified, Non-GMO, and USDA Organic teas, sugar, and ingredients, our non-alcoholic kombucha blends are good for you and our planet.

Better Gut Health

The good bacteria in kombucha helps your digestion. The amino acids help to detoxify your liver and other organs. Antioxidants protect your body and support your immune system.

The Flavor Difference

Our ingredients come from exotic locations abroad and right in our own backyard. Our kombucha brewers craft you the healthiest and tastiest blend around using a variety of teas like Ceylon black and Guayusa mint combined with nourishing ingredients like lavender, sage, blood oranges, ginger, and more.

Live healthier and happier

In a world obsessed with more, we focus on quality.

Our unique approach to brewing isolates the highest quality probiotic cultures in the batch. There are 170,000,000 to 240,000,000 live active cultures in each serving

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Here's our lineup.

Maximized Health Benefits

Brewed using USDA Organic and Non-GMO certified ingredients, Kombucha Town’s seven flavors boast an energizing mix of antioxidants, living cultures, organic hero ingredients, and caffeine.

We notice increased alertness and an overall sense of well-being while drinking our kombucha. It’s the fuel for our adventures. Where will it take you?

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