Baker Lake Trip Report

Field Log

A product shoot is the perfect excuse to grab our team and go on an adventure. There aren’t many days made for swimming here in Bellingham, so we decided to take full advantage of the sun while we had it.

Our morning started at the Baker Lake Trailhead. The trail hugs the coastline making for some great views of the lake. The mosquitos were ACTIVE, but we didn’t let a few bites slow us down. Bianca posed in her trail running gear, showing off how she fuels up during a run. When we left around noon, the trail was filling up with families and backpackers.

Back in the car we drove over the dam to a look out with a crazy view of Baker. It was really starting to heat up, I was tempted to climb down from the road and go for a swim but the creek bed was looking pretty dry. A curious couple passed us while we were getting our shots and we shared some Live Seltzer with them.

Horseshoe Cove Campsite

We left our new friends and headed to the Horseshoe Cove Campground. KT founder, Chris, met us in the parking lot with friends, Onewheels, paddle boards, and booch. David dawned his snorkeling gear and showed off his multi-tasking skills by drinking a seltzer out of his snorkel while riding a Onewheel. The campground was pretty busy, nearly every waterfront site had been reserved but we lucked out and found a good spot to launch from.

If you haven’t been to the center of Baker Lake, I can’t recommend it enough. The water is an intense blue green. A crisp mountain breeze comes into the valley from the peaks surrounding it. The further you swim or paddle into the lake the better your view of Baker is. The sun, the water, the mountain, there’s not much else you can ask for on a PNW summer day.


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