Our Story

2019 brought us a milestone we’d been dreaming of for a while. So far, we’ve sold over a million cans of Kombucha Town kombucha. We’re having fun. We’re expanding. We’re growing our team. Want to know what our favorite part is? We prevented a million glass and plastic bottles from being wasted. This is an unbending value we’ve had since day one.

Where did it all start?

My roommate in college brewed his own kombucha. That’s where I got hooked. One day, he’d had enough of me “sampling” so much of his kombucha. Over the course of a few painstaking weeks, he taught me to brew my own. It was smooth sailing from the first brew, right? Thankfully, no. The first try was a total bust. The second attempt was better but still far off from the Kombucha Town you’re enjoying today. But, I kept brewing and improving. Over a decade of innovation and progress in my own kombucha and the industry in general brought Kombucha Town to this moment.

It wasn’t always like this. It was a long journey. Every crossroads and challenge has strengthened the Kombucha Town values. We’ve always been on the same mission, even the year I sold only ten bottles of kombucha. The values you are connecting with were no accident.

I grew up on a cattle ranch in the Rocky Mountains. It was a childhood face-to-face with the beauty of nature. I am grateful for this because it’s where I made a promise to protect the planet, no matter what business I was in. Ever feel like you can’t find people whose values you connect with? I tried professional jobs and failed. Carpentry, restaurant work, delivering sandwiches, and many more. I slowly learned I needed to build something which matched our values..

What do we value?

The Kombucha Town values continued to develop and strengthen. In 2008, my dad passed away. A few years later, I decided to bring the health elixir to the public by starting Kombucha Town in the historic Bellingham Herald building. Then, more tragedy struck. In 2011, my mom started having issues with her memory. Forgetting things like paying bills became normal. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2012. We made a tough decision and sold the house I grew up in to support her care and grow the business. Then, it hit me. I started to think bigger. Shortly after, I began to cultivate the company to be a place of community, a place of purpose. My mom could stay active and help where she was able among a community of people on a unified purpose.

There were more crossroads every year. Opportunities to sell the business became decision points where we doubled down on our mission, vision, and values. In those moments, I thought back to the evolution of Kombucha Town’s product. From the premier batch crafted with the help of my dreadlocked college roommate to the simple black tea kombucha with a whopping 1.5% alcohol sold in reusable blue growlers, I always remembered what the first sip of the day felt like. I was compelled to share the feeling. The feedback about health benefits and delicious taste kept us progressing. 

Life’s full of crazy leaps, isn’t it? I lived on the couch of our first brewing facility. In 2014, we debuted our kombucha as the first live product in a can available to the public. Why? Because we believe cans are the very best option for your convenience, quality, and the environment. Additionally, our cans are made in the USA (which means more money to support American jobs). From day one of our operations, we have held the standard of our success to the triple bottom line, which measures profit, people, and planet. In 2017 we released our first Kombucha Town Sustainability Report.

What’s next?

The truth is, we’ve grown the company from zero to one. I like to describe it like this because we want to keep our eye on our potential. We’re here to challenge the status quo bigger companies have force fed us into thinking is unavoidable. We’re creating a future where small brands are able to connect on the deepest level and thrive without sacrificing those magnetic values, without having to degrade your health and happiness to expand a profit margin, without forgetting our promise.

What’s the promise? 

  • Our commitment to the environment from our roots as a tiny company. 
  • Our commitment to community which was strengthened by the great relationships we treasure during times of need. 
  • Our commitment to health and wellness driven by the adversity of health issues I’ve personally dealt with and is currently plaguing our planet. 
  • Lastly, our commitment to connecting and bringing together those who make more conscious buying decisions. Is that you?

We’re here now and we’re ready to bring you the next generation of conscious business, kombucha, and wellness.