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Transport Your Mind To The Harmonious Ecosystem We Call Home: The Pacific Northwest
Looking for a journey? Open wide and take a deep breath of the Pacific Northwest. Cascadian Hop tastes like adventures in the mountains and on the water. Take it with you anytime you plan on getting after it.

Cascade & Citra hops
Orange peel

Message From The Brewer
They said it couldn’t be done. But, we did it. We wanted to combine our love for kombucha with our love for beer. Cascade and Citra hops straight from the Yakima Valley region define this vigorous and refreshing profile. Next, we added coriander, a flavorful, antioxidant-rich herb. To complete this bold brew, we added orange peel. Dare we say it’s healthier than any other “brew” you’ve had before. 

How To Drink It
To start, it may be best to consume six to eight ounces of kombucha at a time throughout your day. When you’ve adjusted to the effects and benefits of kombucha, it’s safe to consume regularly.

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