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Why you should invest

• Build Your Biome
• Build Your Community
• Plant Trees
• Make Money & Make a Difference

Our values 

• Sustainably focused 
• Good for people, good for the planet
• Qualify craftsmanship 
• Profitably changing the way business is run

More of our story 

Back in 2011 when I first founded Kombucha Town I had simple goals, make a delicious product that was good for both people and the planet as well as support my mother who had recently been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. Now ten years later I am very proud to say I have accomplished these goals and am very excited to share our amazing products with you. Over the years we have had several innovative firsts in the functional beverage world including first live kombucha in a can and the first probiotic seltzer water Live Seltzer. I invite you to join our mission of creating a healthier and happier world one can of delicious bubbles at a time.

Why we are equity crowdsource funding

The economic effects of COVID 19 were incredibly difficult for Kombucha Town. Along with substantial financial losses, in the fall of 2020 we tragically lost our Controller who passed away due to unexpected complications in an elective surgery. We had to cut costs and lay off employees to the point that Chris, the founder, was the only employee for a short time. We are very proud to have made it through these trials and tribulations and are now back to growth mode with our highest sales ever in September of 2022. Through blood sweat and tears we now have the best products and the most dedicated team we’ve ever had. Because of this there has never been a better time to invest!