Blood Orange

Stimulate The Senses And Explore The Undiscovered
Watch out, Valencia, Blood Orange is here and we're swooning.

Blood Orange has all the vibrancy of the common orange, with a little more depth and swagger. Zesty, strong, and invigorating. Get curious and stay satisfied with Blood Orange.

Blood orange, white tea

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Helps With
Your Weight

Your Gut


Blood Orange takes us away to a sunny day on the Mediterranean coast, where they're commonly grown. We imagine plucking a blood orange off the tree and eating it in a few bites, enjoying the vibrancy and depth.

They're called Blood Oranges because of a reddish pigment called anthocyanin. This compound gives the fruit its many health benefits. For an added health boost, we paired it with white tea, an often forgotten nutrition powerhouse. This combination gives you a wholesome kombucha so delectable, you’ll forget it started as a health drink.


How To Drink It
To start, it may be best to consume six to eight ounces of kombucha at a time throughout your day. When you’ve adjusted to the effects and benefits of kombucha, it’s safe to consume regularly.


What Can I Expect?
After drinking any of Kombucha Town's seven delicious flavors, we've noticed increased energy, heightened alertness, and an overall sense of well being. We attribute it to this high quality bacteria produced during fermentation, as well as the combination of caffeine, antioxidants, and the other organic powerhouses we add.

How Long Does Kombucha Stay Fresh After Opening? How Long Does It Stay Fresh In The Refrigerator?
We recommend consuming your kombucha within 3-5 days of opening. Always keep it refrigerated. One thing to remember: once you open it, the fizzy essence will begin to fade.

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