Fair Trade Day
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Fair Trade is more than a label,we are a global movement.

The choice of a Fair Trade Certified good is a choice to support the livelihoods of others. Fair Trade empowers individuals giving them a chance to break free and deliver what is fair: respect, a safe environment, a living wage.

This World Fair Trade Day, we want to celebratethe mothers #behindtheseal.

We are committed to working to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Fair Trade USA’s standards contribute to UNSDG 5 Gender Equality by offering protection from discrimination and sexualharassment and require that women are incorporated into leadership structures.

A Fair TradeCertified gift can support mothers by improving access to paid maternity leave, safe andaccommodating workplaces, and childcare; providing sustainable incomes; and protecting fromdiscrimination and sexual harassment.

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Happy WorldFair Trade Day! 

Today is our opportunity to showcase the small-scale producers and the contributions they make to healthy and sustainable communities around the world. With so many wonderful women at the center of this movement, this year we're dedicating this day to them and the communities they lift.Incidentally, this year's #WorldFairTradeDay also happens to coincide with Mother's Day, which makes it that much more important to elevate the incredible mothers who hold leadership positions within their fair trade committees. Today and everyday, we honor the women of fair trade.

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