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Sustained Energy, Healing, And Bright Flavors For A Perfect Day
Original Ginger is a robust and citrusy blend of Ceylon black tea, fresh-pressed ginger, and lemon that will provide you with sustained energy throughout your day. 


Message From The Brewer
More and more, research is showing how important the gut is. It’s no passing fad. But, what makes a happy gut? The Original Ginger blend is our ode to your tummy. Our ginger comes from Peru, our cloves from Sri Lanka, and our lemons from California. The three team up in our Original Ginger flavor to give you a drink that's easy going, through and through, so you can be easy too.

How To Drink It
To start, it may be best to consume six to eight ounces of kombucha at a time throughout your day. When you’ve adjusted to the effects and benefits of kombucha, it’s safe to consume regularly.

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