June 02, 2021 1 min read

My daily liquid intake is as follows:

  • 10% sparkling water
  • 10% beer
  • 10% tea/coffee
  • 70% KOMBUCHA

Yes. It’s true. My body is mostly composed of some form of kombucha and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I just can’t get enough! Homemade, store bought, you name it, I’ll drink it.

The only downside to so much booch is the sugar surplus. Even the purest, Whole Foods brands have lots of sugar, even though most of it may be fruit-based or just the sugar that feeds the scoby. It doesn’t really deter me from consuming it, but it is something I’m conscious of.

That’s why I’m SUPER in love with these light, refreshing, minimal sugar live seltzers from Kombucha Town. They’re simple, no frills, kombucha with ONLY Co2, booch cultures, a little sugar and REAL fruit flavors, not the “natural” stuff a lot of drinks have. They’re not as aggressive in flavor as my beloved GTS or Mortal Kombucha, as less fizzy and go down super smooth. They taste more like just a sparkling water than they do traditional kombucha, but it still serves the same gut benefits. They’re easy and hydrating to enjoy on the trail or camping and are even a great cocktail mixer.

Check them out for yourself at Kombucha Town and get these babies shipped to your door!